The Lyme Spot is about having Lyme: living with it, putting up with it, embracing it, damning it, figuring it out, not figuring it out, but most of's about community. I will be sharing my experience, my feelings, and all the things I know that help me get through my days and keep me feeling positive, or at the very least keep me alive! But please, also come here to share your experiences, feelings and all the things you know. Together, we can get through anything...

25 Reasons Why Being a Lyme Patient Automatically Makes You a Badass

1. While some people have a comic book collection or collect rare stamps, you collect infections, and happen to have more than a loaded petri dish. 
2. You take more than 55 pills in one day, and can swallow 6-10 at one time. 
3. When you fill out a "symptom survey" at the doctor's office, you begrudgingly check off 47 of the 60 symptoms listed. If you were being completely honest with yourself, you'd probably check off 52. 
4. You've opted to have a portacatheter surgically placed in your chest...while you were awake. 
5. You've given so much blood at one given time that the nurse had to switch veins because the one in use "dried up". 
6. A surgeon has said "Oops" while performing surgery on you...and you were awake to hear it. 
7. You've swallowed a camera, drank radioactive dye or have been injected with something that temporarily made you glow. 
8. It has been proven that your stomach attempts to digest backwards, and food magically travels upward rather than down. 
9. You've been able to fill an entire day with meals despite having more food allergies than you can count on your fingers and toes....and your Mom's fingers and toes. 
10. You've peed just about every color of the rainbow, except blue. 
11. You've juiced more than 7 vegetables at a time, and drank it. You have the tomato seeds on your ceiling to prove it. 
12. Your spleen and/or liver has blown up, much like an inflated balloon. 
13. Most girls don't leave the house without making sure their lip gloss is safely tucked into their purse. In your purse, you've got an epipen resting next to your lip balm and a mask folded up by your sunglasses. 
14. Your liver enzymes have elevated to 10 times what was considered within the "normal" range, and you never once puked. 
15. You've had a head to toe rash which elicited a "whoa" from a doctor. 
16. You've been diagnosed with a condition that nurses actually have to ask you how to spell. 
17. You followed orders without question when you were told to shoot ozone in places where you never imagined it'd belong, or when you were informed to use coffee in a way that is rather unconventional, to say the least. 
18. You find yourself tapping your finger to the beat of your heart palpitations. 
19. You've had injections of liquid thicker than maple syrup shot into your stomach, thigh, lower back, or in regions you'd rather not disclose, and you didn't even cry...or receive a lollipop. 
20. You've blacked out in the bathtub or in the shower, and you didn't drown. 
21. You had your first colonoscopy before your grandparents had their first colonoscopy. 
22. You've had an IV bag full of something that an average person would never even consider injecting into their veins, nor will they ever have to. 
23. While watching Grey's Anatomy, you realize that you have the same blood pressure as the patient who's excessively bleeding on the screen.
24. Your heart rate has either been half of what it should be, or double what's considered safe, but you still managed to get up and make lunch. 
25. You've been sick every day of your life for more than 4 years and still manage to be optimistic enough, and brave enough, to wake up every morning and do it all again.

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  1. Thank you for this. I am coming to understand this dreadful disease a bit more thanks to you... Your humor is inspiring~ xoxo :o)debj