The Lyme Spot is about having Lyme: living with it, putting up with it, embracing it, damning it, figuring it out, not figuring it out, but most of's about community. I will be sharing my experience, my feelings, and all the things I know that help me get through my days and keep me feeling positive, or at the very least keep me alive! But please, also come here to share your experiences, feelings and all the things you know. Together, we can get through anything...

The 29 Day Giving Challenge

Today I found out about the 29 Day Giving Challenge. I immediately felt so good about doing the challenge that I decided to start it today! Why do I feel so good about doing it? Why am I starting it right away? Why am I posting it on my Lyme blog? I'll tell you...

In the course of falling ill and becoming more and more sick, I have been belittled, invalidated, criticized, blamed, humiliated, abandoned, ignored, judged and directly attacked. Phew! This is the first time I've sat down and actually focused on what to call all the negative and difficult things I've experienced since finding out I have Lyme disease and talking about it openly.

Have I felt like doing all those things back to the people who have done it to me? You betcha! I mean I'm human and American right? Do I have a burning desire to hurt because I've been hurt? Most definitely. Would that be the right thing to do? No, of course not. As those of us who have taken the time and effort to think about it know, hate breeds hate, violence breeds violence, pain breeds pain, and abuse breeds abuse, and yes, all of the above italicized words are characteristics abuse. What does that mean? It means that on a very deep level, we live in a society in which the abuse of humans by other humans is rampant. What does THAT mean? Well, I happen to think it means the need for more and more and more actions to counteract the effects of this abusive nature, such as generosity, which I think is an aspect of compassion.

If negativity breeds negativity, what is the best way to nullify negativity? Positivity!

I am VERY excited to be starting this project today. I feel an inchoate spark of beauty inside, with the potential to grow and encapsulate my whole being.  I feel boundless opportunity in participating in a community that is striving to change the world and, in particular, the parts of the world that cause us who have Lyme disease so much more pain than is necessary.

Now I leave you to your wonderful day of living with this last image....*a big fat smile on my happy happy face*

Interested in participating in the 29 Day Giving Challenge? Go here!

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