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Broccolini with Roasted Garlic Sauce and Toasted Almonds

This is a delicious Lyme friendly meal. Extracting the roasted garlic is a little involved so I like to set myself up in front of a movie and extract away!

Roasted Garlic Sauce

1 bulb garlic
1 tsp each finely chopped sage, rosemary, thyme
1 Tbsp olive oil 
1 Tbsp water

Wrap up garlic in tin foil and roast in the oven at 350 degrees for an hour. Remove garlic and let cool. When it is cool, gently peel the outer layers and extract the roasted garlic cloves and put them in a bowl. Mash cloves with the back end of a large spoon until you have a paste.

Then, on low heat add some finely chopped fresh sage, thyme and rosemary to a little bit of oil. Let it simmer until slightly brown. Then add garlic paste, tablespoon of water and sea salt to taste. Your sauce is ready!

Toasted Almonds

You may use sliced or slivered almonds (I prefer sliced as the fats in the nut are more accessible to the heat). Put almonds in pan on low heat. Do not add oil. Let the almonds in the pan sit until they start to turn brown and then stir frequently. Once the nuts start to brown, they brown fast so keep a diligent eye on them or they'll burn. Toast to your desired liking.


1 bunch broccolini
pinch of salt

Cut up your broccolini  and add it to your pot with a pinch of sea salt and a bit of water, enough to cover the bottom. Simmer until broccolini is soft. Make sure to remove from heat while it's still bright green. Drain water from pot. Add garlic sauce (whatever amount you prefer) and handful of toasted almonds and stir. Plate your dish and top with a few more toasted almonds.

Voila! You are done. Enjoy!

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