The Lyme Spot is about having Lyme: living with it, putting up with it, embracing it, damning it, figuring it out, not figuring it out, but most of's about community. I will be sharing my experience, my feelings, and all the things I know that help me get through my days and keep me feeling positive, or at the very least keep me alive! But please, also come here to share your experiences, feelings and all the things you know. Together, we can get through anything...

Prayer of Forgiveness

Because we the afflicted get persecuted, because we the afflicted need a way to heal our hearts.

The tears I shed, I forgive.
The suffering and disappointments, I forgive.
The betrayals and lies, I forgive.
The slandering and scheming, I forgive.
The hatred and persecution, I forgive.
The punches that were given, I forgive.
The shattered dreams, I forgive.
The dead hopes, I forgive.
The disaffection and jealousy, I forgive.
The indifference and ill will, I forgive.
The injustice in the name of justice, I forgive.
The anger and mistreatment, I forgive.
The neglect and oblivion, I forgive.
The world with all its evil, I forgive.

Grief and resentment, I replace with understanding and agreement.
Revolt, I replace with music that comes from my violin.
Pain I replace with oblivion.
Revenge, I replace with victory.
I will be able to love above all discontentment.
To give even when I am stripped of everything.
To work happily even when I find myself in the midst of all obstacles.
To dry tears even when I am still crying.
To believe even when I am discredited.

Thy will be done, thy will be done.


  1. i needed this, you are a Beautiful soul, reading your thoughts i have let go a little of my bitterness. thank you-
    mother with lyme/ daughter also w/ lyme

  2. Oh I'm so glad you appreciate it! I must tell you I didn't write it myself. I write poetry sometimes, but I didn't write this. I came across it when I was looking for things to post on my Crusade for Compassion page, and it resonated so strongly within me, like the vibrations of a Tibetan bowl, it moved through me and felt deeply healing, as if all the parts of me that forgot where they belong were pulled back home and my spirit was realigned. So I wanted to post it in case anyone else could benefit from it. I've been praying it every morning since I found it.